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JudeaBay charges no fees for creating an account, whether it be a buyer or seller. For vendors, no matter the product being sold JudeaBay takes a flat 10% from the sale price.

Just your standard info, including your name DOB, address and such. If you are signing up as an LLC, please have your EIN handy.

No, listing is completely free. However, as a starter vendor you get 100 free listings. If you need more than that, there are plans you can view here.

Yes. Although JudeaBay is geared towards Judaica related products in general, there is no restriction to selling whatever product you would like to list.

Currently, JudeaBay is integrated with Stripe. Once you create a seller account, you will be prompted to go through the sign up process in your account dashboard under “Stripe Connect”.

Payouts get sent on a weekly basis, accumulated of all successful sales for the previous week.

Yes. JudeaBay is integrated with USPS, but if you would like to use your own shipping service, there are no restrictions. In such a scenario, we encourage you to add a tracking numberv so that the buyer can track the order.

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